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January 18 2016


Staining Concrete - Green, Blue Beautiful

Concrete floors are virtually no new phenomenon, a lot of us will have an old lumpy bit of concrete flooring or patio somewhere around the home! One of the most common questions that builders and concrete professionals get asked is "how should i make my concrete ______ look better?". For a while now builders and designers have been espousing the virtues of decorated or painted concretes. The latest development, although hardly new, is concrete staining. 
What you would want to know however is the thing that are the advantages of staining concrete flooring, when compared to the large number of options available to every one nowadays? Hopefully I will give you some help here!

Why concrete staining?

Many individuals wonder why you would bother to stain concrete when there are many other options open to you with regards to flooring. Tiles, wood floor, laminates, or perhaps painting direct on to concrete are other options that maybe cheap, and simple to complete. If you ask any professional they are going to probably give you a single word answer! "Character".

Stained concrete includes a feel of rich, deep, translucent tones, similar to that find in fine oil painting, which means that the floor looks like they have aged into the site, rather than being a feature due to its newness. The results can mimic metal, marble, stone and wood, and because the effect is dependent on the underlying concrete, no two sites are ever the identical.

Concrete is beneficial to our environment in comparison to many other forms of flooring. Hardwood obviously has all the issues relating to sustainability, laminate flooring are notorious for non-green production processes, carpet production is very environmentally unfriendly, so concrete is really a relatively green process.  -stained_concrete-

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